The founder’s story

Pan Zongbing and his industrial hemp story

In 1973, Macy Pan was born in an ordinary family in Zhejiang Province. Majoring in mechanic design, Pan threw himself into the R&D of Medical and Beauty Instruments for twenty years. Due to his undefeated character, he is always fond of tackling technical problems. In 2008, on one occasion, he learned about a kind of plant extracts(CBD) applied to the beauty industry, which can improve broken skin tissue. At the time, the British client had a sigh that that there was a British authoritative expert who studied it for nearly 40 years, still unable to solve the problem of CBD industrial production and purity. Overcoming the technical problems will be an epoch-making progress. As a technology aficionado, Macy Pan started to research it.

He came to Yunnan to find his way out. With the determination to overcome technical difficulties. At that time Provisions on the cultivation and processing of industrial hemp in Yunnan was just promulgated, bringing the cultivation of industrial hemp into the legal scope. Pan spent more than 20 million to set up R&D laboratories and began to study the quantitative extraction of cannabinoid.

Three years later, in Nov 2013 ,the team had to be confronted with project interruption due to the shortage of project funds. Pan determined to conquer the technical problems which western experts were unable to solve since the 1980s. He reorganized the team. One people, two people, three people, five people……the team is expanding. During that time, they faced housing, water, electricity and terrible communications problems. Pan began to relearn molecular formula, molecular weight and keep experimenting in person. He was forty years old at that time.

No one know whether the experiment will be a success in quantitative CBD production. After all, westerners have not succeeded in developing it in forty years. However, Pan never gave up. Finally, Through unremitting efforts, he groped out regular patterns in early 2014 after countless days and nights and tens of thousands of experiments. Pan realized industrial production of 100% active biological extraction of 95% high purity CBD. He founded Yuxi Hongbao Biotechnology Co., Ltd. and patented this method of extraction which is the world's first and the only complete line of extraction technology, with 100% independent intellectual property production line became a success.

This CBD extract crystal are as precious as gold in pharmaceuticals industry. It is efficient in treating spasms, relieving inflammation, addressing anxiety and improving appetite, epilepsy, brain tumors etc.

At the same time, the research achievement was approved by Yunnan Narcotics Division. They put forward suggestions for perfection and issued China’s first industrial hemp processing license. CBD can be legally produced.

In Oct 2015, the first batch of 100kg CBD with more than 95% purity was successfully exported to foreign countries, and passed the testing in the UK, Germany and other authoritative laboratories. That meant the world's industrial zero production of CBD was broken in China. Pan was honored as the first person to extract industrial hemp by the industry. After hearing the news,the British Dr. Kate , researching CBD for nearly forty years, invited Pan to academic exchange.

At present, Pan is preparing a second production line, more specialized line. He is planning to set up planting company to realize organic plant in spectral greenhouses and laboratory to develop more products.

After various difficulties, it has finally become sunny day. Pan indicated confidently that we have world-class technology and promising market, whether in planting, extraction, or in R&D, sales, and brand.

In CBD development tide, Macy Pan and his team will continue to march on.

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